Elbit Systems Invests in an Israeli Micro-Sensor Company


Elbit Systems is investing up to $18 million in ‘Pearls of Wisdom Advanced Technologies’, an Israeli start-up developer of micro-sensors, used for persistent intelligence gathering – a key element in the filed of ‘terrain dominance’, evolving as a major thrust pursued by military forces worldwide.

Pearls of Wisdom has developed the “pearls” system, a miniaturized wireless sensor networks (WSN) that can be used for various applications, from security, homeland defense, to industrial mechanization, process control, ecology and transportation. The Pearls form a spatially distributed network of miniaturized nodes that cooperatively monitor physical parameters and environmental conditions.

Elbit Systems announced today that it has signed an agreement to invest in Pearls of Wisdom Advanced Technologies Ltd. up to $18 million. The investment will be made by one of Elbit Systems’ subsidiaries and will be performed in several stages over several years, according to a road map agreed by Elbit Systems and the current investors. As a result, Elbit Systems’ holdings in Pearls of Wisdom will increase gradually.

Defense Update company profile: Elbit Systems Ltd.