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Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd. It was established after privatization of the  former Israel Military Industries (IMI) Small Arms Division, which has been the leading weapon manufacturer in Israel for over 70 years.

Micro Tavor, Negev LMG in IDF service

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IWI Product Line:

IWI's Tavor assault rifle is shown here equipped with Meprolight NOA X4 scope. Photo: Meprolight

Today, IWI is part of a group of companies specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of defense products for the local,  and international market, offering equipment to customers, including military forces and law- enforcement agencies.

Employing state of the art design, development and manufacturing technologically, IWI has consistently provided weapons favored by the best military and police forces around the world – from the legendary UZI SMG to IWI’s latest addition, the TAVOR, X-95 Assault Rifles and NEGEV Light Machine Gun.

Development, manufacturing, testing and quality assurance, specified to the most stringent military standards, are carried out in-house at IWI’s facilities, enabling the company to operate efficiently, maintain highest quality standards, while rapidly adapting to customer- requirements and market trends.

IWI’s firearms are developed in close collaboration with the IDF. IWI and the IDF established joint Research and Development (R&D) teams,  to create the weapons, whose ultimate configuration is the product of ongoing interaction, field tests and modifications, applied from most recent combat requirements.

IWI Product Line:

IWI is one of the world’s leading producers of combat proven small arms for over 70 years. The company’s range of weapon systems include:

TAVOR line of assault rifles

The Tavor was developed by IWI in cooperation with the IDF. Its compact rifle and long barrel are key attributes for its excellent usability for modern, asymmetric combat. The weapon has an integral, advanced and accurate sighting system attached directly to the barrel. Designed with optimal ergonomics Tavor increases the user’s comfort and confidence level.

NEGEV Light Machine Gun

The standard LMG of the Israel Defense Forces. High reliability and versatility that suits a large variety of operations. NEGEV can optimized for dismounted operations. It can also be used as vehicle mounted weapon, on helicopters or naval crafts.

ACE and GALIL Assault Rifle

Galil is a lightweight, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine fed multi-purpose personal weapon. It is designed for firing from the shoulder or hip. The Galil was combat proven as a highly reliabile weapon, proving itself in difficult and extreme conditions. The ACE is based upon the reliable mechanism of the GALIL. It is perfectly suitable for modern battle field, with enhanced human engineering. The five Picatinny rails allow adding an array of optical devices and accessories. The ACE is easy to use and simple to maintain.

Galil Sniper Rifles

This is a semi automatic sniper rifle, designed for high accuracy, ease of operation and convenient carriage under tough operating conditions. The weapon is offered with a folding stock for use by special units and law enforcement. Galil Sniper Rifle is in service with military and government agencies worldwide.

UZI Submachine gun

The first and leading SMG. The legendary UZI has been the most popular weapon for over 50 years. Since the introduction in 1956 over 2 million units were sold worldwide. The combat-proven UZI has proved itself as the most reliable SMG to date.

JERICHO and BARAK handguns

IWI is offering two types of handguns – the Jericho and Barak. Jericho is built on a high quality, all steel construction. Its barrel has polygonal rifling for greater accuracy and longer barrel life. Among the ergonomic features are the forward-positioned center of gravity providing for reduce barrel jump, polymer stock and safety on slide. Barak Is a lightweight, ergonomically designed handgun offered for self-defense and law enforcement needs. It is available in 3 cal: 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP.

The company also offers a wide range of weapon accessories such as telescopic sights, reflex or Tritium sights, night vision sights, flash lights, and more…

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