Plasan is an international company engaged in the design, development, and manufacture of state-of-the-art, lightweight, ballistic armour protection products and integrated survivability systems. It has rapidly become a key global manufacturer and integrator of armour systems designed from composite materials for up-armour appliqué kits used on various light military vehicles, APCs, personal protection equipment, rotary and fixed-wing platforms, as well as for naval vessels.

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Plasan’s state-of-the-art survivability suites offer a unique optimization between protection, payload and cost by combining in-house R&D, design, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities. Plasan’s products endure the trials of combat, saving the lives of countless troops. The company translate their “front line” feedback into improved designs and better survivability products. Plasan’s engineers are unique in terms of their military backgrounds and hands-on experience. They bring to the product design process unique insights to soldiers’ needs in combat, which we then translate into hundreds of design decisions. Some of them are even users of Plasan’s products. Through the military background of many key Plasan personnel, Plasan’s people share a common language with their customers and the war fighter, resulting in close and invaluable relationships.

Through more than 20 years of activity Plasan has acquired expertise in production for programs of varying scopes.  Infrastructure currently in place has enabled manufacture of over 1200 kits per month (Including ceramic parts), involving deliveries for a variety of programs, each with its own requirements.

Utilizing a flexible supply chain, which includes multiple sources for key components, rapid ramp-up a required by customer’s delivery schedule, and on-line logistics tracking of parts, work-in-progress (WIP) and completed parts. This has been made possible by:

  • Expansion of supplier / subcontractor base in Plasan’s supply chain.
  • Smart utilization of suppliers and subcontractors
    which are close to customer’s delivery site.

Plasan Group currently operates subsidiaries in France and the U.S.A. Plasan North America (PNA) has two subsidiaries in the USA – Plasan USA Inc. and Plasan Carbon Composites (PCC). In September 2010 the company launched a JV with TPI Composites Inc.,  PNA is the leading manufacturing authority for the armor component for Oshkosh’s M-ATV project, producing and delivering 1,000 ballistic protection kits a month. The addition of a 73,000-sq. foot facility with dedicated equipment and a combined production staff of 240 have greatly expanded our manufacturing capacity.

In 2007, Plasan acquired LSI Group, a French holding company for AMEFO and BERARD. Both firms are manufacturers of high hardness steel hulls and metal equipment for the automotive and military industries.

Plasan Israel is Located in Kibbutz Sasa in northern Israel, Plasan Sasa is a privately owned company by the kibbutz. Plasan has several production, storage and development sites including Kibbutz Sasa – the main production and development site; an additional fabric preparation site; and a logistics center and kitting site. Plasan’s production line is based on the Job Shop concept – a process-designated functional formation. Plasan has mechanized production lines (a unique line in the armor protection industry) as well as production lines based on skilled labor. In 2010 the Plasan Group established TorTech Nano Fibers Ltd under a Joint Venture with U.K. Q-Flo for the production of carbon nanotube fibre for the enhancement of body armor and composite armour systems for vehicles .