Embraer to Overhaul 43 AMX Fighters for Brazil’s Fighter Modernization Program

The first fully modernized AMX flewin early 2012. Photo: Sgt. Johnson Barros, FAB

Embraer will overhaul 43 AMX jet fighters for the Brazilian Air Force, under a new contract signed with the air forces FAB (Comando da Aeronáutica – COMAER). The current contract complements a previous one signed in 2003, for the modernization of the AMX fighters.
According to Orlando José Ferreira Neto, Commercial Vice President, Embraer Defense and Security, the overhaul work will prepare the AMXs for their subsequent modernization, leading to more efficient and steady flow for the fighters. The original A-1phase of the modernization contract focuses on an upgrade of the electronic systems of the AMX jets. The new plan will focus on structural overhaul and necessary repair and replacement of obsolete equipment. The first fully modernized AMX is expected to fly in early 2012 and will undergo flight testing through the year, aimed at scheduled first delivery by the end of 2012. Deliveries will span over two years.

The first fully modernized AMX is expected to fly in early 2012. Photo: Sgt. Johnson Barros, FAB

In November 2008 Elbit Systems was awarded a $67 million subcontract to design the avionics kits for the AMX upgrade. The modernized avionics suite for the AMX will comprise new cockpit displays, an improved central mission computer and new stores management system. New self-protection systems will also be provided by Elbit’s EW subsidiary Elisra. Once production is approved, the companies are expected to enter the production phase, which Elbit estimates to be worth approximately $187 million for the company. The work will be performed in cooperation with Elbit Systems’ wholly-owned Brazilian subsidiary Aeroeletronica S.A. (AEL), located in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Photo: Sgt Johnson Barros, FAB