Jubilant, Aeronautics Team to Address India’s Growing Need for UAVs

Orbiter Mini UAV System. Photo: Aeronautics

Jubilant Bhartia Group and Israel’s Aeronautics Defense Systems have recently formed a joint venture company addressing the growing need for unmanned aerial systems and aerostat systems in India. Aeronautics will hold 26% stake in the Bangalore based JV called ‘Jubilant Aeronautics’. The JV targets both the civil and defense sectors in India. The team has already responded to a number of Requests for Information (RFI) submitted by different Indian authorities. Aeronautics will be offering various versions of its Orbiter mini-UAV – the newest and largest Orbiter UAV – Orbiter II is on display here at the Israeli pavilion at Aero-India.


Orbiter Mini UAV System. Photo: Aeronautics

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