Elisra Unveils Portable COMINT-DF System

The 'NEWS Portable' system introduced by Elisra answers demands from the field for compact, lightweight COMINT/DF capabilities in real time. Photo: Elisra
The 'NEWS Portable' system provides dismounted forces with real time COMINT/DF capabilities. Photo: Elisra

Elisra is introducing a man-portable Communications Intelligence Direction Finding (COMINT-DF) system designed to support tactical, dismounted combat units. The new system, designated ‘NEWS Portable’ will be unveiled this week at the upcoming Avalon 2011 Airshow in Australia.

Previously regarded as an exclusive asset for operational and strategic echelons, the new system extends COMINT support to the tactical units enabling small units and special forces to monitor the military and civil communications spectrum (25-3000MHz), identify, track and exploit adversary or otherwise suspicious radios, radio-telephones or cellular sets, accurately locating their position enabling intelligence gathering in near-real-time.

“This system answers demands from the field for a compact, lightweight system that enables COMINT/DF capabilities in real time and integrates with all intelligence, EW, and Command & Control systems in the battlefield” Shlomo Yariv, VP and General Manager C³EW – Command & Control, COMINT & EW Systems Division explains, adding that the system can be configured with two different antennae – either a portable tripod-mounted unit when operating on the halt, or use a small directional antenna for dismounted operations. The selection of the antenna can be made in the field, according to the mission requirements. Portable COMINT systems became a standard issue supporting long range patrols operations in Afghanistan, supporting coalition forces and special forces with vital, ad-hoc intelligence support indicating enemy activity along the movement routes, remote villages, or locations prone to attack from ambushes.

The compact, lightweight is carried and operated by a single person. The system designated ‘NEWS Portable’ detects, locates and monitors signals of interest from specific locations. With this on-the-move capability, soldiers can locate emitters and adjust their route according to the signal’s source. NEWS can be used as an intelligence gathering tool, an element in a broader COMINT DF array, operating as part of Electronic Combat capability; it can also operate as a stand-alone unit, providing early warning on potential hostile activity near the operating unit. It can also enhance situational awareness.