IAI, Synergy Group Embark on Expansion Plan in Brazil

Yair Shamir, Chairman, IAI
Yair Shamir, Chairman, IAI

IAI and its Brazilian partner Synergy Group have established a unique joint venture structured to expand IAI’s offerings in Brazil through acquisitions of local companies and activities, thus rapidly expanding the combined offerings of IAI and the Synergy Group in Brazil. The new Brazil based company EAE Aerospace Solutions was established to become the shareholder and holding company of the group’s activities in Brazil, some have recently acquired by the Synergy Group. Synergy has recently announced a substantial investment in the Brazilian company Flight Technologies, a local manufacturer of tactical UAVs for the Brazilian Army. The Synergy Group also has relevant activities, including the control of theEISA Shipyard, currently building a 500 ton patrol ship for the Brazilian Navy, and the Brazilian Digex company, operating in aircraft maintenance area.

“This formation provides IAI the growth and flexibility enabling us to grow in the Brazilian market” IAI Chairman Yair Shamir told Defense Update at the LAAD 2011 exhibition in Rio de Janeiro. “The unique formation offers IAI, and the Synergy Defense and Security Group acting as our local partner to acquire companies that will be able to absorb, promote and localize the wide range of capabilities offered by IAI, tailoring it for the Brazilian requirements.” Shamir added.

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According to Shamir, among the fields of interest of the new JV are companies providing aircraft maintenance and support, which could offer IAI’s aircraft modernization, upgrading and support programs, providers of electronics and avionics, positioned to promote IAI’s avionics design, integration products, and companies associated with maritime operations, capable of introducing maritime systems and capabilities. ÏAI brings a wealth of technologies and know how, especially in the field of system integration, being a complex, yet critical phase of every modernization and upgrading program” said Shamir.

“We entered Brazil with determination to be an active, leading player in the Brazilian defense and security market” said Shamir, “While we are pursuing several defense and security programs in the Brazilian market we are not necessarily waiting for these tenders to mature, or wins to establish our presence here.” IAI regards the growing demand for Homeland Security as a springboard to enter the Brazilian market, said Shamir, “we are crafting our technologies to offer the Brazilian government and federal customers with comprehensive solutions to specific needs, that will eventually improve the security, and emergency response of Brazilian authorities, utilizing mature, efficient and ubiquitous intelligence, situational awareness and information management capability.“ As part of this operation, IAI has already embarked on a large scale UAV program supporting the Brazilian Federal Police, and is pursuing the SISFRON (Integrated System for Border Management) and other opportunities.

“We are determined to invest what is necessary to establish our position, introduce our capabilities and, along with our local partners, introduce the solutions we feel as mature and suitable for our Brazilian customers. We believe this market leadership strategy will win in the long run, as this market being in the advanced development phase, is searching for solutions we can offer” Shamir concluded.