EQ-36 Ready for Full Rate production


Lockheed Martin has submitted its contract proposal for full-rate production of the AN/TPQ-36 (EQ-36) Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar, developed by the company since 2007 under a separate contract. The company has already received contracts to deliver 29 such radars responding to urgent operational needs in Afghanistan. The radar detects rockets, mortars and artillery. It can detect, classify, track and locate the source of enemy indirect fire in either 360- or 90-degree modes. EQ-36 is slated to replace legacy AN/TPQ-36 counter artillery and AN/TPQ-37 mortar locating medium-range radars now in the Army’s inventory. The development addressed an urgent needs statements for this 360-degree capability. Lockheed Martin EQ-36 team also includes SRC, of Syracuse, NY.

Since 2009 the company has delivered 12 systems under a low rate initial production contract. The last system was handed over to the Army in November 2010. operational radars began deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan in September and October of 2010. In April 2010, the company received an additional order for 17 more EQ-36 radar systems. In August 2011, the first two of these radars were delivered ahead of schedule and a contract option was exercised to expand the order to 20 systems.