Elbit Systems ElOp Unveiled the Engager – an Unattended Day & Night Target Acquisition System


Elbit Systems unveiled today a new, unattended day-night target acquisition system designed for special operation forces and tactical intelligence teams.

Engager packs all the elements employed by target acquisition systems, enclosed in a single, man-portable system designed for concealed and unattended operation. Its sensors include a day TV and a compact, low-power consuming cooled thermal imager, both fitted with powerful zoom, enabling vehicular target recognition from a distance of 8 km at night, and recognition of man-sized target from 4.5 km. The payload also includes the lightweight Rattler miniature laser designator, enabling target marking and designation for precision guided weapons.

The Engager. Photo: Elbit Systems
Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

The system is operated remotely via cable, or over standard wireless radio. The operating system offers various  features optimizing operation and minimizing power consumption, including mission plannning, recording and revisit-programming, thus optimizing multi-sensor performance. ElOp plans to introduce additional features in the near future, including fused imaging and video-3D map integration.
The system is provided with a rechargeable battery sufficient for 24-36 hours. Additional cells can be connected In daisy chain, suppprting missions extending over several days.