‘Government Technology Allied Group’ (GTAG) to promote Israel’s Defense Sector SMEs


The recently launched Israeli based Government Technology Allied Group (GTAG) will hold its first meeting next week in Tel Aviv (23 January 2012). “When dealing with complex legal and technical export control issues and limited international opportunities, GTAG provides one clear voice for Israel’s small and medium defense companies”.

“GTAG’s operating model has been tried and tested in several countries and proved highly beneficial for small and medium defense enterprises.” said Lori Solberg, the group founder. Our mission is to advocate and advice members on government issues and strategic business opportunities and introduce specific business services required for the management of international defense related businesses, requiring highly specialized know- how in procedural, bureaucratic and international marketing goals. We can also increase international opportunities by acting as one voice.”

“Our mission is to advocate and advice members on government issues and strategic business opportunities”

According to Solberg, GTAG has already succeeded in ensuring the legal rights of small and medium companies seeking to better manage their export control procedures and has a proven record in teaching companies methods to win international contracts. Based on the collective experience and know how of members, the group is offering legal, lobbying, financial and marketing understanding tailored for small and medium defense exporting enterprises and the opportunity to benefit from the experience of member companies.” Through these activities we intend to increase business “wins”, open new insight for chief executives and business developers and promote specific value added solutions offered by our members to government decision makers” Solberg added. “This model is not just for networking, it is a serious venture for the benefit of the entire defense community.”