International Conference on Unmanned Systems – AUVSI Israel 2012


Israel has pioneered the field of unmanned aerial vehicles since the mid 1970s. The country’s aerospace industries have maintained their world leading position for four decades, developing a broad range of systems, platforms, mission payloads, subsystems and services centered around unmanned systems applications.

The International Conference on Unmanned Systems, taking place at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv, 20-22 March is promising to be a groundbreaking event in this field, endorsed by the countries’ most prominent academic, research and development centers, and defense companies.

Organized by AUVSI’s Israel chapter the event will be an exceptional opportunity for reviewing, assessing and discussing the current state of unmanned systems in Israel, and provide a unique insight to the development and future directions of Israel’s unmanned systems technologies development and operational utilization.

Among the prominent speakers presenting at the conference are senior officers from the Israel Ministry of Defense Department ofdefense research and Development (DDR&D), including Brigadier General Ofir Shoham, Head of DDR&D and Colonel (ret) Dubi Lavi, Director UAV-PEO in the Israel MOD DDR&D;

International guest speakers include Mr. Chuck Thorpe, Assistant Director for Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics, The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, USA.
Major Mark Whittel, 2IC 32 Regt RA, United Kingdom.
 Dr. Ron Diftler, Robonaut Project Manager, Robotics Systems Technology Branch – NASA, USA.
Prof. Johann Borenstein, The University of Michigan, USA.

The sessions will focus on the following topics:
Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Unmanned Airborne Systems, Unmanned Marine Surface Vehicles, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, UAS Regulation & Certification, Unmanned Vehicle Systems, UVS Sub-Systems, Propulsion, Operational Missions, UVS Civil Applications, Homeland Security, Simulation & Training, European R&D Project: PPLANE, Unmanned Hovering Platforms, Operational Lessons Learned, Unmanned Airborne Systems – Design Considerations, Human Machine Interface. At the adjacent exhibition 30 Israeli companies are expected to show, demonstrate and discuss Unmanned Vehicles and related technologies. The organizers have also dedicated a day for a tour of some of Israel’s leading UVS industries.

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