UVision unveils ‘Blade Arrow’ Precision Attack Munition (PAM) at the Singapore Air Show


The Blade Arrow Precision Attack Munition (PAM) was unveiled today by UVision Air Ltd. five years after being first demonstrated. The PAM concept brings new offensive capabilities for precision strike of high-value and time sensitive targets, in complex terrain and urban background.

UVision’s Blade Arrow provides long range, highly flexible precision strike capability for the modern battlefield. Blade Arrow allows the maneuver echelon to conduct independent target acquisition, and allows ‘ambush’ of short-lived targets-of opportunity, using small warheads and high precision for reduced collateral damage.

Blade Arrow is a long endurance PAM which can be launched from either a launch canister or a rail-launcher, and provides full tactical UAV ISR capabilities using the MicroView high performance FLIR/color CCD electro-optical seeker with autotracking capability. The operator can search, detect, attack and hit high value relocatable, time critical, land or sea-based, moving targets with pinpoint accuracy at long ranges. A Blade Arrow unit is comprised of PAM launchers and a Ground Control Shelter (GCS) that enables vehicle control with Man-in-the-Loop operation, engagement or abort attack capability in real time, avoiding collateral damage.

All photos: UVision