ST Kinetics Unveils the TEREX RSTA Technology Demonstrator


ST Kinetics is displaying the Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA) variant of the Terrex at the land systems pavilion of the Singapore Airshow 2012. The vehicle is based on the operational Terrex, fitted with a number of new systems supporting intelligence gathering and target acquisition missions.

Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

Most notable is the MINI-T, a stabilised electro-optical payload provided by STELOP. The payload is mounted on a telescopic mast, providing the vehicle an efficient capability to observe the area from concealed positions. The system is particularly suitable for operations in tropical environment, with the telescopic mast enabling the crew a look over the canopy and thermal imagers supporting operations in high humidity. The MINI-T packs a day camera, cooled thermal imager, a laser rangefinder and laser pointer in a stabilized 22kg payload, which includes all the supporting electronic equipment. The same ball can also accommodate a laser designator. These sensors enable the detection of human targets at a range of nine kilometers in daylight conditions or three kilometers at night.

The vehicle will be equipped with the Skyblade 3 mini-unmanned aerial vehicle, providing top-down view of an extended area under surveillance. The imagery from the UAV is fed through the datalink and mission control system to the TERREX RSTA mission system, with imagery from the UAV payload, mast mounted sensors, remote weapon systems and panoramic vision systems all displayed and shared by the crew on multiple displays via the C4I supporting system. Other devices integrated on this technology demonstrator include panoramic cameras (viewed below) as well as threat warning sensors, providing missile and laser warning sensors for the crew.

This image of the TERREX RSTA shows an internal view of the system, depicting the driver (far forward), gunner (forward left) and observer positions. The tactical situation operated by the commander is located to the right. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

Another prominent feature is the ADDER remote weapon system. ADDER Represents a family of remotely controlled weapon systems developed by ST Kinetics, ranging from systems accommodating light and medium caliber weapons. A dual weapon station of this type has been integrated on the TERREX infantry carrier and a different variant is shown here on the RSTA variant.

Another version of the ADDER RWS, depicting a more protected dual-weapon mount for naval use. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update