‘Micro Protected Vehicle’ Supporting Indoor Assault Operations


Tata Motors unveiled at DefExpo 2012 the Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle (MBPV), a small vehicle jointly developed by VRDE-DRDO and Tata
Motors, responding to new requirements set by the Indian elite commando forces (NSG, Marine Commandos, Para Battalions & Force One). The vehicle provides assault teams with protected mobility solutions, assisting operations indoors.

According to Tata Motors, commando units that have fought insurgents, terrorists and engaged in hostage situations in urban areas have raised the need for gaining protected mobility. Tata designed the MBPV for such indoor combat in mind, offering width, wheelbase and four-wheel steering enabling access and maneuvering indoors. High power-to-weight ratio enables fast and agile movement across obstacles, including climbing stairs. Ballistic protection panels and armored transparent windows provide protection for the combat teams, while firing ports enable effective retaliatory action.

It remains to be seen if elite units will actually ‘buy’ this solution…

How many elite troops will be willing to enter a building in such an armored golf cart? Tata Motors' MBPV on display at DefExpo 2012. Photo: Binny Winson, Defense Update