SOCOM Hires Arma Global to Deliver Deployed C2 Networks


Arma Global Corp. will develop and deploy an advanced intelligence management, mission planning and control system for the US Special Operations Command. The company has been awarded SOCOM contract worth half a billion US$ for the job for the delivery of the Tactical Local Area Network (TACLAN) system. As the system provider, Arma Global will be responsible for system acquisition, design, integration, production, and delivery to SOCOM. ARMA Global was founded in 2008 as a full service integrator focused on government and commercial clients. Since its foundation the company has won several contracts form SOCOM, including the SOCOM Information Technology Enterprise Contract (SITEC) and IT services contracts. ARMA Global is also conducting non standard arms and ammunition purchasing on behalf of the Pentagon, to equip the Afghan National Army.

In the past five years iGov managed the TACLAN program under under a five-year $470 million contract. The system provides SOF operational commanders and forward deployed forces advanced automated data processing and display capabilities to support situational awareness, mission planning and execution, and command and control of forces.

TACLAN consists of various suites, Mission Planning Kits (MPK) and Field Computing Devices (FCD). Each TACLAN Suite consists of three transportable, integrated networks; 60 laptops; 10 intelligence processing laptops; communications routers and support equipment establishing forward deployed SOF Command and Control Nodes. Each MPK consists of four general laptops supporting SOF teams for detailed mission planning support. The FCDs uses a small handheld device enabling forward deployed teams to automatically interface with the TACLAN suite via tactical communications.

Modernizing SOF tactical communications, Thales Communications, Inc., will supply SOCOM with the latest JTRS compatible joint enhanced multiband inter/intra team radio variant, replacing multiband inter/intra team radios currently in service. Deliveries under the $390 million contract will continue through summer 2016.

Thales introduced the AN/PRC-148 GEM as an upgrade over the AN/PRC-148, providing a SCA-certified platform that allows inclusion of new JTRS waveforms while maintaining interoperability with legacy radios.