Controp Presents New EO Payloads for UAVs and Land Systems at Eurosatory 2012

Controp M-STAMP Multi Sensor Payload mounted on Aeronautics Orbiter UAV

Controp Precision Technologies has launched is introducing the M-STAMP gyro stabilized multi sensor payload system for small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and small aircraft. The M-STAMP has a daylight (CCD) zoom camera and uncooled thermal imager dual field of view optics. In addition, the payload includes a laser pointer.Controp plans to offer an uncooled thermal imager with a continuous zoom as well. The new payload has also been delivered to customers in Europe and the US. One of the applications is the HoverEye EX unmanned helicopter developed by Bertin. In the US, the US Air Force has evaluated the new payload on an Elbit Systems Skylark LE.

Controp M-STAMP Multi Sensor Payload mounted on Aeronautics Orbiter UAV

Controp is also presenting the HD-STAMP – the first High Definition gyro stabilized camera for small UAVs. The new HD STAMP provides new opportunities for SUAVs, including surveying of power lines and other requirements where a high definition image is required.

In addition, CONTROP is bringing the new SPEED-V for the first time to be on demonstration at Eurosatory 2012. The SPEED-V is a lightweight (24kg) EO/IR gyro stabilized system which was specially designed for Mobile Surveillance Vehicle (MSV) while installed on a tall mast or on ground vehicles. The SPEED-V provides long range observation capabilities for intelligence gathering purposes, as well as panoramic scanning for Automatic Intruder Detection of very wide area perimeter.

Controp SPEED-V Payload.

For manned or unmanned ground vehicles Controp Precision Technologies provides the VIEW range of stabilized rigid payloads. The family includes the L-VIEW, with a single sensor and the T-VIEW packing a dual sensor EO/IR on a gyro stabilized mount for day and night observation on board various ground vehicles and armored vehicles. T-VIEW includes two cameras- an uncooled thermal camera with continuous zoom lens and a daytime CCD camera while L-VIEW comprises a single uncooled IR camera with continuous zoom lens. The L-VIEW has successfully completed an evaluation and field test for a foreign customer, mounted on armored combat vehicles. These payloads were designed to answer a unique field requirement as an aid to the commander and crew of light armored vehicles. The gyro stabilized VIEW payloads enable observation while driving through thick dust, dirt roads, so that the commander can have complete control of the surrounding area in panoramic view, which increases the mobile safety of the troops and provides security of access during movement. Other applications of the L-VIEW and T-VIEW include observation, navigation, driving, situational awareness and force protection while providing real-time video onboard a variety of different land vehicles.

Controp T-VIEW on the Guardium UGV

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