IAI’s Green Rock, Black Granit Debut at Eurosatory 2012


Above: ELM-2138T (“Green Rock”) Tactical Counter Rockets, Artillery & Mortars (C-RAM) System. Photo: IAI

IAI is unveiling two multi-sensor systems designed to support battalion level tactical formations, providing timely alerts and warning of imminent attacks with ballistic or direct weapons – mortars, rockets, missiles or snipers and guns. The Green Rock is a compact, mobile mortar and rocket detection, tracking and localization sensor. The system comprises two radar systems, one providing threat search and detection and with the other responsible for target tracking. The system provides warning alerts distributed directly to the battalion units, as the Green Rock can spot the impact point and firing source with high accuracy, sufficient to enable counter-battery precision fire to stop the enemy firing. The whole sensor is installed on an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and is capable to move and deploy with the battalion. Its area coverage is also designed to support the battalion’s area of interest.

Black Granit. Photo: Tamir Eshel

Black Granite is another tactical sensor designed to support the battalion and below. This sensor is also deployed on light ATV. The sensors included in this kit are designed for terrain dominance, and include wide area radar surveillance and multi-sensor electro-optical payload, SIGnal Intelligence (SIGINT) systems designed to operate semi autonomously – all coupled together to perform rapid identification of threats detected by the radar. To provide instant warning of enemy direct fire, guided anti-tank missiles in particular, the Black Granite is fitted with SWIR based Othelo, an advanced electro-optical gunshot detection sensor. Elta plans to complete the development of the two systems and begin testing before the end of 2012.

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