Eurosatory 2012: Oshkosh Defense Demonstrates MEDEVAC M-ATV


Above: M-ATV Tactical Ambulance, participating here at the Eurosatory live demonstration. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

In service with US forces in Afghanistan since 2009, the M-ATV the highly mobile all-protected vehicle is currently fielded in several variants. Oshkosh has received awards to date for nearly 8,700 M-ATVs, including more than 460 SFV variants. The SFV features a modified cargo deck, intended to accept specialized equipment based on each mission’s requirements, and larger front windscreens for increased visibility. Oshkosh is displaying the M-ATV the Special Forces Vehicle (SFV) at its booth #J619 in Hall 6.

Another variant, the M-ATV Tactical Ambulance is participating in the live demonstration here at Eurosatory. This M-ATV Tactical Ambulance is built to meet an international need for a more protected battlefield ambulance that can travel more extensively off-road. Oshkosh worked closely with military medical professionals on the vehicle’s design and interior layout.

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