World Debut for the Trophy Light


Above: The second generation Trophy system is designed for medium weight vehicles. It is seen here on a Piranha 3 vehicle which has also been installed with the new 30mm remotely operated turret. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

Rafael’s TROPHY LIGHT Active Protection System (APS) is making its world debut here at Eurosatory, demonstrated on a Rheinmetall Gavial light armored vehicle. The vehicle also carries a Samson Junior weapon station adapted for the 14.5mm KVPT machine gun. Trophy Light was developed to protect light armored vehicles, where the protected vehicle does not maintain substantial armor to contain the countermeasure’s blast or secondary impact of RPG restudies that may remain after an intercept by other systems. To meet this challenge the system offers very high speed response, enabling effective protection at very close range. As other Trophy family systems, Trophy Light uses two sensors operating in unison – a network of four sensors covering 360 degrees and distributed electro-optical sensors that trigger the relevant countermeasure unit at a very close range. The system has passed intensive series of tests where it demonstrated high efficiency in defeating various types of standard and advanced RPGs.

RAFAEL is also presenting here a new version of 30mm turret mounted on a GDELS Piranha 3. RAFAEL has already delivered different types of turrets, currently installed on Pandur  AFVs and the current turret builds on the experience gained with the first installation. The new remotely operated turret is fully armored, although it provides a hatch for the commander. Operating the gun, reloading ammunition or operating stoppages is performed from the inside, under armor. The new configuration enables much lower silhouette, since part of the ammunition can be stored inside and loaded when required.  The turret is designed with continues curved surfaces, minimizing reflection and enabling safe movement for the crew when maintaining the vehicle. All the sensitive optronic systems are also under armor, whit the side-mounted add-on missile launchers also protected.

The new 'Trophy Light' Active Protection system mounted on the Gavial vehicle, along with a Samson Junior weapon station carrying the KVPT 14.5mm machine gun. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

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