Poland Buys More C-295s while the Czech Struggle to Fix theirs

16 Airbus Military C295 are to be operated by Poland in 2013.
16 Airbus Military C295 are to be operated by Poland in 2013.

After The Polish Air Force has signed a contract with Airbus Military to deliver five additional C-295 transport aircraft, to be delivered in 2012-2013, bringing the fleet of C-295 in service with the Polish Air Force to 16.
Unlike the Polish satisfaction with the aircraft, five C-295M ordered by the Czech Republic in 2009 became the focus of a political conflict in Prague. Since the delivery of four of the aircraft in 2011 the C-295M faced repeated rejection by the Czech Air Force, over technical problems with the navigation systems, engine failures and self-protection Defensive Aids Systems (DAS).

Earlier in 2012 the Czech MOD renegotiated the terms of the contract, with Airbus Military and Omnipol, the Polish trading company agree to deliver the planes for €132, in return for four L-159 trainers to be handed over by the Czech Republic. (Originally, five aircraft were to be delivered but one would be returned the Czech Air Force).

Airbus Military agreed to fix all rejects raised by the Air Force by the end of May 2012 but the Czech Defense Ministry said early July that the C-295M DAS has met 10 of the rejects wile 7 remained unsolved. Apparently the Czech defense would seek compensation from the Omnipol for the delay but is no longer threatening to cancel the deal. The Polish company faced corruption allegation for its role in the Czech acquisition process, made without an open tender, as required by European Union ruling.

One of four Airbus Military C295M the Czech Air Force is still rejecting acceptance, over technical problems. Photo: Airbus Military