Harris Atlas Systems to Establish Geospatial Data Sharing System for a Mid-Eastern Government

Harris Atlas Active Catalog application. Photo: Harris Atlas
Harris Atlas Active Catalog application. Photo: Harris Atlas

Harris Atlas Systems LLC has been awarded an $8 million dollar contract to provide a Middle Eastern government agency with a system that will ensure that critical military and public safety information can be shared quickly, easily and securely even under the most demanding circumstances.

The advanced geospatial intelligence solution consists of enterprise and mobile versions of Harris Corporation’s Active Catalog™ system, which enables users to manage, share, and retrieve large volumes of geospatial data — information that identifies the geographic location and characteristics of natural or constructed objects — that reside throughout an enterprise. It also provides access to live data feeds, and can generate and publish documents and map products of urban environments.

Active Catalog integrates with a variety of Open Geospatial Consortium-compliant and standard geographic information systems software, such as ESRI and Bentley, which many customers are already using for military, intelligence and public safety operations. With sophisticated techniques to extract metadata, it supports a wide range of data formats, including overhead and aerial imagery, maps, intelligence reports, sensor data and other derived products. Data and metadata are securely shared between enterprise and remote versions of the system, enabling remote users to access enterprise-based geospatial intelligence data and also send field-collected information back to the enterprise.

Leveraging 130 patents and more than 30 years of experience developing systems for the largest geospatial customers, Active Catalog goes beyond traditional catalog capabilities to one that incorporates a variety of data sources, and effectively support remote users in the most limiting environments — such as in a disaster or emergency — and delivers the highest level of security possible, Leon Shivamber, managing director, Harris Atlas Systems explains.