Rheinmetall Airborne Systems Unveils Hybrid UAV Design at ILA

The TU-150 Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle combines the capabilities of an aircraft and helicopter to provide a wide range of missions. This innovative design is currently at a concept development phase, by Suisse UAV and Rheinmetall Airborne Systems (RAS). Photo: Rheinmetall

On its first public debut since the formation of the joint venture with Cassidian, Rheinmetall Airborne Systems (RAS) unveils a tactical unmanned hybrid aerial vehicle at the ILA Berlin Airshow 2012. The TU-150 is still in the concept phase, developed in cooperation with Swiss UAV. The hybrid airborne system will combine the capabilities of a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft, thus lending itself to a wide variety of missions. According to RAS, the TU-150 will join the company’s existing airborne platforms, creating a product family that blends extensive operational experience with cutting edge technical innovation.

ILA 2012 takes place 11-16 September at the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport.

RAS is also displaying the Heron I, currently supporting the German forces in Afghanistan. The same platform is also displayed by IAI across the border in Poland, at the MSPO Aerospace and Defense expo, Tomasz Basarabowicz reports.

Heron I on display at the MSPO Aerospace and defense expo in Poland. Photo: Mariusz Cielma, Dziennik Zbrojny


      • Of course, the construction is not the same – IAI’s tilt rotors concept being, in the matter of fact, more advanced – but the ABILITY to make a job done is just the same.

        • No one knows anything about the construction and the project. Only that graphic is available… yet. Rheinmetall wouldn’t construct something with same capabilities and available on the market, because they would waste a lot of money, dont’t you think?

          • You can at least clearly see from this picture, that they are not using the tilt-rotors concept. And, of course they would construct something similar to what already exists on the market – haven’t you ever heard about the protectionism?? Why buy products from Israel, when the Luftwaffe can buy something “Made in Germany”??

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