Textron Defense Systems to produce ‘Clean Munitions’ for SOCOM

Textron Defense Systems introduced the CLAW in the mid 2000s, as an alternative to cluster munitions, enabling the coverage of area targets without the risk of unexploded ordnance. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

Textron Defense Systems will develop and certify its Guided Clean Area Weapon (G-CLAW) to integrate with the Common Launch Tube, under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM). According to the company’s senior vice president and general manager Ellen Lord, the integration of the unitary system into the USSOCOM common launch tube could bring G-CLAW capabilities and performance to multiple new aircraft platforms for the gamut of irregular warfare missions.

Under this integration plan the company will complete the weapon’s certification and conduct follow-on tests to include weapon delivery from MC-130W Dragon Spear.

The final demonstration will include an ‘end-to-end’ live fire demonstration of the weapon. The G-CLAW is designed for flexible integration into tactical munitions dispensers, as well as from unmanned aircraft platforms.

“Our G-CLAW allows users to shape the attack over a broad area, and to achieve precision effects using GPS targeting and a powerful warhead,” Lord said, adding the weapons incorporate multiple, redundant safety features, including self-destruct and self-neutralization mechanisms, to eradicate the threat of UXO.