A New Stealth Fighter Unveiled in China

F60 / J21/31
A new Chinese stealth design unveiled at the Shengdu Aircraft Corp. site
A front view of the new Chinese stealth fighter. Note the trapezoidal canted tails. and flat wing-body blending (different from the J-20 and similar to the US F-22)

China has unofficially unveiled another stealth fighter. This aircraft, externally resembling the Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor, could be the F-60, an export version of a AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation developed ‘fourth generation’ fighter. By painting the marking ‘31001’, Shenyang may be hinting about the design’s goal aspiring to be an alternative for the Chengdu J-20, toward a future selection by People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). Alternatively, the J-31/F60 could be positioned for a future option for the People’s republic Army Navy (PLAN), for its future aircraft carrier force. In the near future, PLAN is to use the Russian Su-33 and its domestically designed Su-33 copycat dubbed J-15, also built by Shenyang.

The new stealth fighter was spotted yesterday at the Shenyang aircraft factory, bearing the marking ‘31001’. The first and second prototypes of the J-20 carried the markings ‘2001’ and ‘2002’.

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  1. Not a big surprise. I wonder how much of this aircraft is based on the F-35 data hackers stole from US DoD Contractor computers? China can build good designs on their own but they are still several years behind on electronics and engines. I expect them to close that gap rapidly too.

    • Considering the F35 is extremely behind schedule, over budget, and under performing, if China copied the design then there should be nothing to worry about then?

      Jokes aside, F35 is a well analyzed and proven concept, just badly implemented, the J31 could very well be the what the F35 would look like if it was done properly

      • The electronics going into the F35 I don’t think the chinese can recreate, it’s so incredibly advanced that the fact that the U.S is even trying it is idiotic. It’s not about it not being done right, its that it is being done at all. Plus much of what is pushing the F35 behind schedule is that they are trying to design every different type for every country that purchased them all at the same time instead of building a base and sending them to that country to be changed there. The contractors are just robbing them blind, what are you gonna do though.

  2. Anybody notice the dual wheels on the front strut?

    Can anybody remember what the PLAN recently acquired from a country?

    These boys just made what we, here in the U.S., tried back between 1990 and 1991 with the Navy Advanced Tactical Fighter (NATF) Project for the F-22. They made a stealth fighter that would have a primary on a carrier. This isn’t a “Could Be” moment at all. That is EXACTLY what the Chinese are doing.

    This is very interesting… Very interesting.

  3. Looks like a F35 with F22 vertical tailfins. The engines still look RD33/RD93, guess russian engines for its test phase just like the J20. Front gear set up looks carrier-promising.
    This plane proves how accurate former rumors in China have been…

    • It is spelt dumb, not dump.

      If you want to be critical about something, atleast get the important words spelt correctly.

      Anyway, espionage is all part of the game. Don’t forget, the US made good use of the German blue prints that were captured in WW2. Nothing wrong with that either :)

      In terms of aviation and science, it is always nice to see something new (so to speak).

    • ROFL as if Indian can talk… how about the super amazing Indian HAL Tejas LCA? Since 1983 the program started, and still wont be ready for operational till at least 2015, that’s 30 years…. So in a way F35 is in much better position. J 10 same class aircraft started in1989 and declared operational by 2003. I find it’s amazing that at early 90s Indian is slightly ahead of China in terms of defence technology, both manage to obtain fighter production line/license from Russia, 10 years later by early 2000, Russian think Chinese learnt too much from their technology, yet happy with Indian.. it is rather sad if you ask me. I’m sure Indian will jump out and say “But we got T-50 and that totally kick what Chinese can make!!” So Original!!

  4. If China is having stealth aircraft or ship then The Philippines must have a better Radar to track them down unknowing they are already at our front door.AUV is more better to fight incoming aircraft it can be maneuver well then w/ a pilot that might collapse during high Gs and w/ a long range air to air missiles.Also having a long range ground to air Missiles and surface to air also long range surface to surface missiles and to have our own military sattelite.Maybe We can now start manufacturing by ourselves.I know We have good engineers etc.in this country lets make use of them.Hope We have a good anti submarine capabilities too…

  5. For non-aligned countries, the f-60 might represent a very affordable fighter with LO features. If it looks as good as some of the CGI pics out there and the Chinese aviation industry can sustain it’s current momentum, it will certainly be a match for the existing fighters–and of course, the f-35.

    Nice looking bird.

  6. i just wonder can anyone or countries design a completely new version of the stealth fighter apart from the existing one? the constraint are there and is impossible to achieve a good stealth capability if you know about refraction and dispersion of a physical feature of a flying object, you would not say any other design are copy from certain existing object.

  7. I believe that stealth is a compromise to aerodynamic features of an aircraft, so the layout is defined by the extent of how much stealth is required for the role of the aircraft. The f60 appears to be conservative for the same reasons that the f35 is, in the sense that is a conventional layout. With stealth in mind, it is in itself limited to the underlying airframe, so both must be considered in the process of initial concept development.

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that stealth aircraft appear similar as the principle behind it is the same.

    It also depends on the strategic value of the aircraft on paper because if the intention is to only offset a tactical advantage of opposing aircraft, then this defensive strategic posture can economically mitigate an opposing force by forcing it into develop a slew of weapons to counter it.

  8. Do people really think this is a stealth aircraft? Read about what makes a stealth aircraft first and than you will know what this is…..A joke.

    All Chinese aircraft and weapons for that matter suffer from the same issues. They are just not nearly as capable as products from the West. Their products are faulty and made from materials without the quality controls the West has. Their craftsmanship is also poor.

    Yes it can kill you but to call these two aircraft made in China stealth or even 5th generation is laughable. They are still 20+ years away from catching up to the west if they ever can. They still rely on Russian and stolen tech from the West. Until you can come up with something from scratch you will always be behind in technology. Basicially these aircraft are something like an F-4 Phantom dressed up in new set of clothes that resemble a US made stealth aircraft.

    I wonder what would happen if you had to push these aircraft into true wartime maneuvers. I bet the Chinese don’t even know what would happen. I do, they will fall apart, I can see the wings falling off or engines catching fire or just disintegrating. These aircraft will NEVER be pushed to their limits by the Chinese, they are strictly for show.

    China will always be a paper tiger. But even paper teeth can cut. The Chinese like the North Koreans are expert sword rattlers. You can add Iran to that list too. They have no stomach for a fight and do not have the capabilities to take on any modern force. All China has is a lot of men to give rifles with bayonets to and charge into machine guns like they did in the Korean war.

    Some day that might change, they are working on it. We are still many years away from it happening. The West must forge ahead in technology to stay as many steps as possible in front of them. If we do eventually we will have a major leap that they will not be able to match. So the chasm between us will again be wide.

  9. The insinuation that this prototype is a copy of anything is completely hearsay and a baseless claim leveled at the uninformed who require no proof. The ignorant who propagate these stories are what would be called “useful idiots” who mouth their bigoted views on other cultures’ achievements based on a self serving political and strategic interests.

    There was only one Korea… And the politics that were present then are still present now. The decline of the West in recent times has stirred the nationalist, imperialistic drives of the ignorant and we are sure they are bent out of shape judging by the bashing of other cultures with whom they feel superior over.

    Currently, more scientific papers are published from China than anywhere else. So that flies in the face of rumor and innuendo of less discerning eyes.

  10. Who is this big daddy? He thinks he knows all about stealth and plane just because he is white or American. If China cant master stealth and fighter plane who on earth could? You must be thinking been western and white are everything. Go and read China`s history and civilizations you will then realize what the west been doing is only kinder stuff for China. China does not need to re invent the wheel. Copy or steal does not matter besides it is open knowledge. And I can tell you that this is just the start
    and more things are coming out every year from China.

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