Saab Group and Ashok Leyland Team to Offer BAMSE air Defense for India’s SRSAM

the Saab BAMSE missile. Photo: Saab Group
the Saab BAMSE missile. Photo: Saab Group

The Swedish defence and security company Saab Group and India’s transport specialist Ashok Leyland have joined forces to compete for the Indian Army Short Range Surface to Air Missile (SRSAM) air defence programme. Saab and Ashok Leyland are teaming to meet the SRSAM requirement with a new solution that combines the Saab BAMSE missile system with Ashok Leyland high-mobility vehicles.

Saab’s Head of Market Area India Lars-Olof Lindgren says, “the tie-up brings together two great engineering companies with front-end technologies that together could serve the Indian Army well. The BAMSE is a proven air defence missile system and the Ashok Leyland platform is a very suitable all-terrain vehicle. The need for mobility for air defence units is essential for flexible and optimal deployment. We are very happy to find a robust vehicle in Ashok Leyland’s product range that meets the requirements. We look forward to working closely with the company to deliver to the needs of the Indian Army.”


The Saab BAMSE SRSAM is an all-weather, all-target, air defence missile system that can be deployed to protect fixed and mobile assets. The BAMSE SRSAM is a purpose-built ground-based air defence missile and is the latest in a long line of successfully developed and deployed Saab missile systems.

Ashok Leyland will deliver high-mobility vehicles to transport the BAMSE SRSAM solution. All sub-units within the BAMSE SRSAM are being integrated with the Ashok Leyland Super Stallion 8×8, a high-mobility vehicle capable of operating in all types of terrain under all weather conditions.

Dr. V. Sumantran, Vice-Chairman of Ashok Leyland says: “we are pleased to announce this cooperation with Saab and together we are able to offer the Indian defence forces, state-of-the-art air defence systems based on proven technologies. Saab is a recognised technology leader and in the BAMSE Saab has a very advanced and capable system. Ashok Leyland  has a proven track record of serving the mobility needs of the Indian armed forces for over three decades. Our Super-Stallion 8×8 platform will offer the best combination of performance and reliability”.

The complete SRSAM system includes the GIRAFFE AMB, a powerful 3D surveillance radar and command and control system intended for short and medium-range ground based air defence and the BAMSE MCC missile launcher with six ready-to-fire missiles.