The Indian Arjun Mk 2 Main Battle Tank uses a number of Israeli made systems, including optronic systems and missiles. Photo: Noam Eshel

Land Systems upgrades

Israeli companies performed comprehensive upgrading of Indian M46 130mm howitzers, with Israeli 155mm howitzers. Israeli companies are also competing on the supply of thousands of modern towed and self-propelled artillery to the Indian army. Israel Military Industry (IMI) was also selected to establish six ammunition production plants in India that would provide self-sufficiency in ammunition supply to the Indian Army. The program was halted after the Israeli company was suspected in bribery charges and banned from doing business in India for 10 years in 2012. However, by September 2014 the Israeli company was removed from the blacklist, paving the way for renewed work on those plants.

Israeli companies were also involved in the integration of key elements of the Arjun Mk 2 tank. Two of the main suppliers providing key elements for the Indian tank are IAI and Elbit Systems. IAI is providing the 120mm guided missile (Lahat) fired from the gun, enabling the tank to engage targets designated by laser, from a distance of eight kilometers. Elbit Systems is providing some of the optronic systems used by the crew, including an independent commander sight and fire control elements.