Ricardo establishes a specialized US Based defense unit

New organization – structured under a Special Security Agreement – will provide incremental opportunities for collaboration with US manufacturers and government agencies on defence related vehicle technology development and engineering projects


Ricardo is establishing a specialized defense unit – Ricardo Defense Systems (RDS) – to be located at its existing Detroit Technology Campus in Van Buren Township, Michigan. Completing the extensive approval process required for a Special Security Agreement with the USA, enabling the company to expand its role in the US defence market. The company said it is backing the move with the necessary investments in people, processes, and facilities.

The dedicated RDS facility and full-time core team of the new subsidiary organization will enable greater focus on the needs of the defence market, while leveraging the resources that Ricardo has available through its affiliated global technical consultancy and specialist niche manufacturing operations.

“We are excited to have created an organization that brings to bear all of Ricardo’s existing expertise in wheeled and tracked vehicles, powertrain, electronics, and software engineering to better serve our military customers and servicemen and women,” said Paul Luskin, president of Ricardo Defense Systems. “At the same time, we will be expanding our skills and pursuing previously unavailable opportunities.”

The formation of RDS reinforces Ricardo’s role as a leading provider of and innovation, focused on the needs of this exceptionally demanding market sector. Ricardo has a proven track record of successfully addressing a wide range of critical challenges such as the development of innovative vehicle designs, hybrid-electric powertrains, improving vehicle stability, reducing vehicle weight, decreasing development timelines, and improving modeling and simulation for its defence customers.