On-Board Video Surveillance

Orion Video is another implementation of the ORBIT’s new technology. This application relies on Orion’s IP/AFDX-based video management capabilities, providing network-based video surveillance and monitoring capabilities on airborne platforms. A typical application in a passenger aircraft provides cockpit door surveillance, cabin monitoring and cargo observation. With distributed consoles in the cockpit and cabin, Orion enables the pilots, air marshals and other crewmembers to visually monitor activity inside and outside the aircraft, increasing situational awareness and flight safety and security.

Using the systems interfaces the pilot can also receive visual inputs of engine inlets, cargo bay, landing gear, flaps etc., and display the on any of their cockpit displays. Additionally, selected ‘bird’s eye view’ videos can also display on the passengers’ screens as part of the flight entertainment system.

ORBIT’s audio management systems are already implemented by some of the leading aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing and Airbus and its video management systems were recently selected for integration in a new passenger aircraft currently in development.

The technology has been available for over a decade, but the market was not ready for it. “Voice activation will become critical when avionic interfaces become more adapted to touch control, where voice activation, 3D audio and smart VOX will enable ‘blind operation’ that is currently supported by Head Up Display (HUD), helmet displays and Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS) architectures that have become common in Glass Cockpits.” Shabbat concluded.

Orion Video system layout. Photo: Orbit CS
Orion Video system layout. Photo: Orbit CS