KADEX 2016 – Photo Report

Part of this modernization is to equip the T-72 to be more effective and less vulnerable to close-in threats, such as obstacles, mines, IEDs and RPGs, all characteristic of urban warfare, The Russian company has designed this urban warfare kit based on the experience of the war in Syria. Photo: Dan Zeevi.
The 8×8 Barys is a wheeled AFV displayed at KADEX 2016 for the first time by Kazakh-South African Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE). The vehicle is based on Paramount’s MBOMBE platform and was displayed here with the new UA220M remotely controlled turret mounting the 57mm cannon. Uralvagonzavod
Kazakhstan has ordered an undisclosed number of Wing Loong 1 ‘Pterodactyl’ drones from China. This armed UAV was displayed in Kazakh military colors for the first time at KADEX 2016. Photo: Dan Zeevi.
An improvement of the BM21 multiple rocket launcher was unveiled by KAZTEC. The system uses the original MRL, mounted on a KAMAZ truck, fitted with a ballistic protected cabin. The vehicle is equipped with GPS navigation system and various improvements in setup and teardown, that enable the crew of three to ‘shoot and scoot’. Photo: Dan Zeevi.