A Digital Window Embedded with Transparent Armor

The ScreeneX display can be located anywhere in the windshield or side windows, within the field of view of the driver or passenger. Image: OSG

OSG is demonstrating at DSEI the latest edition to armored glass – ScreeneX. The product, developed by the Israeli transparent armor expert, is the world’s first armored windshield with a built-in LCD digital screen, enabling combat vehicle designers to use areas of the vehicle’s ballistic protected windows to display digital images, including information from the vehicle systems, command and control, on board sensors or digital maps.

The system can also enable the integration of advanced safety systems, with displays of obstacle detection, headway monitoring, blind spot warning and reverse camera systems embedded in the windshield.

ScreeneX technology for Defense and Security is the LCD display embedded inside the ballistic glass at any threat level. It’s suitable for use as a display for standard computing devices or night vision units used in military vehicles. Fully integrated into the vehicle’s window system, ScreeneX maximises the cabin space utilization, placing critical information in front of the driver or the vehicle’s commander.

Encased in the transparent window the ScreeneX’ casing uses a metal overlap made of ballistic steel that ensures no decrease in the protection level of the window of the vehicle. Screenex offers combat resilience and survivability even after multiple hits that will reduce the transparency of standard ballistic protected windows. The electronic display shows the forward view captured by the driving camera or driver’s thermal imager;

The unit can be located anywhere in the windshield or side windows, within the field of view of the driver or passenger, according to customer’s preference. Rear or side cameras can also connect to the screen, functioning as side and back mirrors on vehicles using opaque side armor or recessed driver’s position, to increased driver awareness. The display can also function as a vehicle display, replacing bulkier dashboard units.

Displaying images and graphics in high resolution, ScreeneX renders data, images, text, and video at high definition, displaying maps, delivered via the vehicle’s sensors, navigation system or command and control network. ScreeneX is maintained as a normal ballistic protected window and does not require any special installation or support as the electronics unit driving the display and connecting it to other computing devices is separated, to provide easy access for technical support.