Finland is upgrading four Hamina-class fast attack missile crafts operated by Squadron 2000, preparing these vessels to assume the mission currently done by the Hamina boats and four Rauma class Fast Attack Crafts that will retire in 2020, after 30 years of active service.

The project will deliver the boats with their new lightweight Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) torpedoes in 2023-2025, and extend the service life of Hamina-class vessels until 2035. Following this mid-life upgrade and overhaul, Torpedo-armed Haminas will serve in the FAC role until the larger corvettes will be deployed by the mid-2020s as part of Squadron 2020 program.

Patria will be the prime contractor for the EUR 170 million upgrade. As part of the upgrade, the Hamina’s current Combat Management System (CMS) will be replaced by Saab 9LV CMS, integrated with 9LV Fire Control System (FCS) and the Ceros 200 fire control director (radar and optronic tracking fire control director). The upgrade will also include the TactiCall integrated communications system. Each combat system also integrates the Trackfire Remote Weapon Station (RWS). The FACs will be equipped with Saab Dynamics’ new lightweight ASW torpedoes currently in development. These weapons are optimized for operation in littoral conditions. The technical work associated with the midlife overhaul and installations of new systems will be performed by Oy Western Shipyard Ltd. in Finland.

The new lightweight torpedo is currently in development and will be available for platform verification in 2019. It is expected to be fully operational by 2023-2025. Photo: Swedish FMV
The Hamina class currently uses a centralized CMS designed by EADS, its ASW systems comprise two types of sonars and rails laying mines or depth charges. It is also armed with RBS-15 MK3 anti-ship missiles, Umkhonto IR surface-to-air missiles and a single Bofors 57mm automatic cannon. In the future, the Hamina class is likely to replace the RBS-15 with a new missile – currently known as ‘Surface Warfare Missile 2020’. This new anti-ship missile system will be selected by the Finnish Defense later this year, for use in coastal defense role and as the main surface warfare weapon for the new corvettes.

Patria will act as the prime contractor, designer and lead system integrator having the overall responsibility for the project. The delivery includes a number of sensor, weapon and communication systems, system upgrades, as well as ship technical modifications and overhauls. The upgraded Hamina crafts will also receive an ASW Training Target system to facilitate anti-submarine warfare training.