Elsight Provides Communications Links for the Amstaf


Elsight received an initial order for ten Communications on the Move (COTM) secure, two-way communications suits from Automotive Robotic Industry (ARI), for integration in ARI’s Amstaf Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV). Elsight’s communications systems provide military-grade, secure and continuous two-way audio, video, and data transmissions, enabling safe and remote operations of UGVs.

Elsight’s units simultaneously transmit 3G/4G LTE/5G, with failover to satellite, ensuring continuous connectivity at high bandwidths with complete redundancy. Multichannel encrypted transmission ensures complete security: data is split into multiple pieces, based on a number of channels, and each segment is encrypted up to 256 bits, locked into a VPN tunnel, and transmitted via aggregated GSM channels. Even if one or two pieces of data has been hacked, the hacked data is incomplete and useless as it’s still impossible to get the full picture.

“After many deployments in regular emergency vehicles, it’s a logical next step for our technology to be integrated into autonomous vehicles,” said Nir Gabay, Elsight CEO. “Elsight technology is a natural fit with our autonomous UGVs,” Ronen Fishman, CEO of Automotive Robotic Industry added. “Both companies have been proven to operate in mission-critical environments with no point of failure while ensuring complete safety and security. Our autonomous vehicle has zero tolerance for any break in communication or takeover by hackers. Elsight provides us with the capabilities to meet these challenges.”