The Canadian Armed Forces have exercised options under the Integrated Soldier System
Project (ISSP) to procure an additional 1,256 Rheinmetall Argus soldier systems, which will be delivered next year. This second order is worth CAD22 million (€14.3 million).

The Canadian government initially contracted with Rheinmetall to start the qualification phase of the Canadian Army’s Integrated Soldier System (ISS) in 2015, which it has successfully completed in the meantime. The final production phase of the first Argus Soldier System contract is now underway, with 1,632 units (worth CAD38 million) slated for delivery in 2018.


[/wlm_nonmember][wlm_ismember]According to the contract, Canada may exercise options to buy additional systems, up to a total of 4,144 systems. The total value of acquisition and support over the life of the program could reach CAD250 million.

The Integrated Soldier System Suite includes load bearing gear, weapon accessories, and electronics, including a GPS, radio, headset and a handheld computer that runs a compact battle management application. The soldier system improves situational awareness for dismounted troops, allowing them better command and control, sending and receiving information, improving performance and protection.