The T-15 and T-14 Armata family tanks and heavy APC are also on display at Army Forum 2018. According to UVZ, the new vehicles will be accessible to all visitors for the first time. Previously displayed with the 30mm turret, the T-15 was shown here for the first time with a 57mm cannon and two missile launchers on the side. The tank on display retains its Afganit active protection system but is shown without the special side armor, showing a full view of the tracks and suspensions.

The turret seems to be a variant of UVZ AY-220M that was already displayed on other platforms. In this configuration, the T-15 adds a more powerful and versatile direct fire weapon that can be used to defeat heavy APCs, as well as against aircraft and drones. It also retains the anti-tank weapons (guided missiles).

UralVagonZavod (UVZ) has developed two variants of the 57mm automatic cannon weapon system. The two configurations – 2S38 and AY-220M share a common automatic gun, firing 57mm high explosive, airburst or kinetic ammunition.

The 2S38, seen here mounted on a BMP-3 chassis is displayed at the Army Forum 2018 opening tomorrow at the Kubinka Patriot Park near Moscow.



T-15 with a 57mm turret that seems a derivative of the AY-220M, on display at Army 2018 #Армия2018
A close up on the T-15’s new 57mm cannon. #Армия2018


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The 2S38 is designed for mobile anti-aircraft, anti-UAV, and naval gun. At a weight of five tons, the unmanned turret packs 148 rounds, sustaining a rate of fire of 120 rounds per minute. The installation of the gun enables elevation of +75 and depression of -7 degrees, to enable engagement of targets at higher angles, and naval targets from elevated positions on the coastline. The picture shows the fuse time setter placed at the muzzle, used with airburst ammunition.

The AU-220M has also been demonstrated on a BMP-3. This weapon system is optimized for infantry support. At a gross weight 3.6 tons, the AY-220M turret is significantly lighter than the 2S38. Due to its smaller sizes, the AY-220M can be fitted to smaller vehicles. So far it was mounted on BMP-3 and Paramount’s MBOMBE 8×8 vehicle. The smaller size leaves less space for ammunition (80 rounds) and offers lower freedom of movement (elevation +60 / -5). While the horizontal firing range remains the same on both turrets (14.5 km maximum range) the vertical firing range is reduced to 7.5 km and rate of fire is set to 80 RPM.