LFK601E AESA radar from AVIC, China

LKF601E, an airborne FCS AESA radar from the Chinese Aviation Industry Cooperation (AVIC) was unveiled at the AirshowChina event. The new radar uses high-efficiency air-cooling systems to support new and upgraded platforms such as the JF-17 and FTC-2000G ‘export fighters’ that do not facilitate water-cooling systems necessary for other AESA radars.

The radar uses a 3GHz bandwidth at the X-band, provides detection of fighter-sized targets at 170 km, tracks up to 15 targets simultaneously and engages four with air/air missiles. The radar also supports air/ground modes, with one-meter SAR resolution and terrain mapping at 300 km. Searching targets at sea, the radar can detect large targets from 200 km. The planar AESA array measures 60×60 cm and weighs 69 kg. The processor and power module weigh another less than 35 kg. The array consumes 3,200 VA of power.

Another airborne AESA radar displayed at AirshowChina depicts side panels that extend radar coverage to the sides and rear. The main array covers 120 degrees and is positioned in a slanted plane, with supporting side planes on each side. Other arrays complete the radar overage all around the plane. The radar’s range is 170 km.

Extended coverage is provided by complimentary arrays mounted on the sides of this CETIC AESA main radar.