New Missiles Unveiled at Airshow China 2018

Chinese HQ-8 air defense system shown at AirshowChina 2018 with its large scale WS-600L missile interceptor designed to engage large aerial targets (such as an AEW aircraft) from a range of 400 km. Photo: Huanqui.
A8-TG680 transportable air defense radar system associated. Photo: Huanqui
A truck-mounted launcher container that carries two CM-401 ballistic anti-ship missiles on display at Airshow China 2018.

The land-based launch vehicle for the CM-401 hypersonic anti-ship missile system. The CM-401 is thought to be a modified anti-ship version based on the BP-12A tactical ballistic missile. The missile achieves high supersonic speed and its ship killing accuracy is derived by the integral active radar used in the terminal phase of the flight. This missile is used mainly to attack medium-to-large-sized ships, including aircraft carriers.

the Fire Dragon family of guided rockets from Norinco includes different rocket sizes, from 220 mm to 750mm
The HD-1 anti-ship missile is also an airborne ship killer, capable of flight at a high supersonic speed, developed by the powerfull booster and rocket motor and sustained by the ramjet fed by a separate liquid fuel supply.

Eight Red Arrow 10B EO guided non-line of sight anti-tank missiles are carried on this ZBL-09 8×8 vehicle, designed as a tank destroyer and precision weapon carrier.
The Red Arrow 10B missile weighs 43kg. Its maximum effective range is 10 kilometers.
QN-202 missiles weigh only 1.2 kg and are operated by a single soldier. They can engage light armor or soft targets at ranges up to 2,000 meters. The missile can be employed from a battery of six missiles, or hand launcher, both are operated by a single soldier. Four missiles were also shown mounted on a UGV.
The QN-202 missile can be launched from a reusable hand launcher, equipped with a simple sight and controller used to designate the target as it is seen by the missile’s seeker.
QN-201 miniature guided missile is employed on Type 59 based fire support vehicle. Up to 20 of those ‘fire and forget’ missiles are carried, capable of engaging targets at ranges up to 2,000 meters.
QN-506 Multi-purpose support tank

QN-506 is based on a turretless Type 59 tank (Chinese version of the obsolete T-54). In the QN-506 the manned turret was replaced with an unmanned rotating structure that mounts a 30mm cannon, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, launchers carrying 20 lightweight QN-201 multi-role missiles and four launchers for QN502 EO guided missiles or loitering weapons. The vehicle can also exchange some of the loitering weapons for drones, to extend the observation range to 10 km.

QN502 EO guided missile. Photo: Defense-Update