By integrating advanced Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and AI-driven Situational Awareness, small combat formations become more agile and decisive.

To achieve Terrain Dominance through technology overmatch, IMCO Industries combines platforms, sensors, and effectors developed in-house by its subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners. These systems are offered as upgrades of existing systems and equipping new platforms to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the 21st-century battlespace.

IMCO unveils this new concept at the IDEX 2021 defense exhibition taking place in Abu-Dhabi in February 2021. IMCO Industries Ltd. (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE: IMCO) is a leading Israeli manufacturer of complex systems and solutions for aerospace, defense, and naval systems. IMCO’s unique concept integrates defense systems developed in house by its subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners into comprehensive Terrain Dominance Solutions.

The Situational Awareness Vehicle System integrates video and image processing and AI to enhance vehicle and crew survivability and combat effectiveness of tactical formations. Illustration: Nir-Or
G2 multirotor drone from AeroSol is on display at IMCO’s booth at IDEX.

At the IDEX 2021 expo, IMCO Group and partners present three UAS platforms from Innocon, Sky Sapience, and AeroSol. These platforms range from fixed-wing tactical drones, small electrically-powered UAS, tethered drones offering unlimited mission endurance, and tactical multirotor drones. Such platforms carry different payloads weighing anything from few hundreds of grams to +150 kg and provide essential ISR capabilities for the operational and tactical echelon. Few weeks before IDEX, IMCO and Innocon announced plans to establish a joint venture, controlled by IMCO, in the field of UAS for defense and security applications. “The collaboration with Innocon will allow us to offer our customers tactical defense solutions uniquely tailored for their needs, utilizing the most advanced platforms, sensors, communications, and processing power.” Mr. Eitan Zait, IMCO Industries CEO, said.

ATID utilizes a multi-axis positioner to operate a sensor pack and weapon system as a semi-automatic remotely controlled weapon system. Typical use is as a C-UAS system. Photo: Capture Systems

At their IDEX exhibit stand, IMCO also displays the unique positioners developed by Capture Systems. These systems provide the primary platforms for remotely controlled and autonomous systems, including weapon stations, ISR, and communications gear. One of the unique solutions leveraging this multi-axis positioning capability is the Anti-Threat Intelligent Detector (ATID). The system utilizes the positioning system as a remotely controlled weapon station that can automatically respond to threats, such as a counter-drone system, utilizing the observation system as target acquisition, an active jammer for soft-kill, and machine gun as hard-kill countermeasures.

IMCO’s subsidiary Nir-Or, specializing in the development and manufacturing of military electronic hardware, will introduce at IDEX its unique Situation Awareness Video System (SAVS). This comprehensive video capture and processing system provide 360° terrain and situational awareness for land and marine platforms. The system can operate as a stand-alone system or integrate with the AI Edge 360 Cluster, providing the crew with a 360° panoramic outside view day/night.

The onboard processor provides SAVS an embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability that supports decision-making solutions on the battlefield. The SAVS enables the commander or any crew member connected to the system to operate continuously with closed hatches while providing complete situational awareness beyond the line of sight, in a single view. Using advanced human-machine interface SAVS reduces crewmembers’ cognitive load while maximizing the platform’s lethality and crew combat survivability.

Visit IMCO Industries at IDEX 2021 – Booth #H1-C13