General Dynamics Land Systems–UK today unveiled a new variant of AJAX Family of Vehicles (FoV) based on the ARES troop-carrying reconnaissance vehicle. The Brimstone Anti-tank Guided Weapon ‘Overwatch’ variant, demonstrated in collaboration with MBDA, could operate in the vanguard of the British Army’s future Heavy Brigade and Deep Recce Strike Combat Teams, providing vital force protection for the more dispersed force and ensuring the integrity of long-range persistent surveillance.

The MBDA Brimstone-based solution Overwatch capability can be seamlessly integrated onboard an ARES vehicle utilizing its state-of-the-art Electronic Architecture, which is installed across the AJAX FoV and enables the rapid insertion and integration of new technologies and capabilities.

“Our collaboration with MBDA further demonstrates the versatility of the AJAX fleet through the delivery of an ‘Overwatch’ capability quickly and effectively for the Heavy and Deep Recce Strike Brigade Combat Teams” Carew Wilks, Vice President and General Manager of General Dynamics Land Systems–UK said.

The Ajax-Overwatch vehicle carries eight Brimstone missiles in two four-missile packs mounted on top of the vehicle. In this role the Brimstone is the differentiator for high intensity, peer-on-peer warfighting, with excellent reach, high loadout, and salvo capability. Defeating all known Defensive Aide Suites and armor with high precision and in all weathers, Brimstone gives several targeting options while uniquely enhancing the platform and operator survivability through best-in-class insensitive munition compliance.

Brimstone is a core part of the ‘portfolio’ approach to complex weapons between MBDA and the UK Ministry of Defence. This co-operation on AJAX Overwatch demonstrates how we can use sovereign UK complex weapons technologies to provide rapid and low-cost solutions to enhance the operational capabilities of the UK Armed Forces while ensuring sovereign skills, jobs, and security of supply are maintained.” Chris Allam, MBDA UK Managing Director, said.

MBDA has already pursued Brimstone integration on various armored fighting vehicles, particularly in Poland, where several platforms were presented in association with PGZ back in 2019