RAFAEL and its partly owned subsidiary DSIT have developed a comprehensive torpedo defense suite for surface ships. The system was unveiled at IMDEX Asia 2023 exhibition.

The system is comprised of sensors and countermeasures. Two sensors are included – the MONKFISH provides Torpedo Threat Detection and Alert System (TDAS), and the BLACKFISH hull-mounted sonar (HMS) sensors provide continuous security alerts, detect, classify, track, and alert on incoming torpedoes. Overcoming the limitations of current passive sonar systems, MONKFISH operates in active, passive, and intercept modes, delivering continuous 360° detection and alert capabilities for any approaching torpedo in all weather and sea conditions while the ship is underway.

The system’s advanced signal processing and algorithms provide accurate detection without false alarms, simultaneous tracking and processing of multiple targets, and ultra-fast torpedo classification in all operational modes.

TORBUSTER SP torpedo countermeasure from RAFAEL. Photo: RAFAEL

The protected vessel uses RAFAEL’s TORBUSTER SP hard kill decoy to counter the threat. The TORBUSTER SP defends against passive and active and wake-homing torpedoes. In the case of passive torpedoes, TORBUSTER SP simulates the ship’s acoustic signature to lure the torpedo away from the targeted vessel. For active torpedoes, it can provide a near real-time tailored response based on the torpedo’s transmission. When the torpedo is at close range, TORBUSTER SP is designed to neutralize it to prevent re-attacks.