The 54th Paris Air Show international aerospace exhibition provides an important venue for Israel’s aerospace and defense companies featuring new weapons, aerospace systems, space programs, and unmanned systems. All photos credit: Defense Update

IAI – Upper-tier ballistic missile defense

Three missiles designed by IAI for air and missile defense – Arrow 3, Barak 8ER and Barak 8 LRAD. Both Arrow-3 and barak 8ER are designed to intercept tactical ballistic missiles.

Exporting Light Rocket Propulsion Systems

Tomer – Israel’s government-owned defense company is participating at the Paris Airshow as part of the company’s marketing campaign seeking to expand its offerings to rocket and missile manufacturers worldwide. Tomer is Israel’s largest manufacturer of light rocket propulsion systems. The company’s products are integrated into IAI’s BARAK MX interceptors, Elbit Systems’ Extra and Accular guided rockets, and the Rampage air-launched guided missile. Photo: IAI

SkySonic – Interceptor of Hypersonic Threats

SkySonic is designed as an interceptor to counter hypersonic threats.

New Air/Air Missiles

Rafael is unveiling a new air/air missile – the SkySpear, at the Paris Airshow.

Elbit Systems – Long-Range Strike

Four types of heavy guided aerial strike weapons from Elbit Systems – from top to bottom: REST with an MPR1000 body, Rampage 300 mm aerial launched missile, Lizzard 4 with an MPR500  laser-guided bomb, and laser-guided 2.75″ rocket -GATR.

Teaming UAS and Loitering Weapons

Elbit Systems shows a teaming between the Skylark 3 Hybrid drone and Sky Striker loitering weapon. The drone performs extended reconnaissance and intelligence gathering missions, lasting up to 18 hours, with the Sky Striker performing target acquisition and attack based on that reconnaissance.
BlueBird UAS are also showing a teaming of UAS and loitering weapons. The team comprises the ThunderB VTOL UAS and new SpyX loitering weapons unveiled at the 2023 Paris Airshow.
SpyX can operate on missions lasting 1.5 hours at a range of 50 km from its controller. The weapon is supplied as an inert airframe, loaded with the battery and warhead upon assembly in the field. It is loaded with an anti-personnel high explosive fragmenting or anti-tank warhead. SpyX uses a piloting camera for flying and a miniature EO/IR payload for target acquisition, and a proximity fuse to trigger the HE-FRAG warhead.

Spear UAS – Encapsulated Loitering Weapon

Spear UAS’ Viper is designed as an encapsulated loitering weapon utilizing a quadrotor platform packed into a small launcher used as a ‘wooden round’.
Uvision shows a complete system of a Hero 120 loitering weapon, comprising the launcher and missile, control unit, and communications link. These weapons have already been integrated for operation from helicopters, boats, tactical vehicles, and unmanned ground vehicles.