Annual Infantry Weapons 2012

Defense-Update, covering military technology topics since 1979 is available as a digital edition online since 2004, featuring aerospace, land, marine, defense electronics, unmanned systems and homeland security issues worldwide. Defense Update is proud to be a media sponsor for the Annual Infantry Weapons 2012 event.

In its basic and free version, Defense Update is available on the web, at and is optimized for reading on smartphones. An expanded, more detailed version is open at a premium. Subscriptions are available at a special introductory rate of £ 3.95 / month Exclusive for the Annual Infantry Weapons 2012 at:

Subscriber Benefits:

Readers seeking more depth, and insights are welcome to subscribe to gain the following benefits:

  • Access premium content not available in the free edition
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Special theme editions*

  • Asia-Pacific Defense Update
  • Land Warfare
  • Armor & Protection
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Missile Technology
  • Defense Electronics

* These editions are available online and in PDF format and will also soon be served via e-mail and dedicated APPs for smartphones.