Poland Orders Spike Missiles to Equip Rosomak IFVs

The Polish Armament Inspectorate awarded Mesko a production contract worth over $150 million, for the delivery of 1,000 Spike anti tank guided missiles to equip the Polish Army's Rosomak infantry fighting vehicles.

Test firing validates MMP’s direct, indirect firing capability

MBDA continued the firing test campaign of the new MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée - Medium range missile). Last week the company conducted two successful flights against steel plate targets located at intermediate range of more than four kilometers from the firing post.

Washington to supply 14,000 TOW missiles to the Saudi National Guard

Following a conclusion of a large foreign military sales contract signed by the US Government, the Raytheon company is expecting an order for 14,000 tube-launched, optically tracked, wireless-guided (TOW) missiles worth about $750 million.

Javelin prepares for Vehicles – Tested to Engage Targets up to...

The Javelin missile recently demonstrated the ability to engage targets beyond its current maximum range requirements.

US Navy Tests Rafael Spike Missiles on Unmanned vessels

Spike missile fired form Mini Typhoon weapon station mounted USV-PEM, during an evaluation of the missile by the US Navy last week. Photos: US Navy, Rafael
The US Navy has test fired the Israeli Spike Electro-Optically Guided Missile from an unmanned boat last week, on Oct. 24th, as part of an operational demonstration of the weapon conducted as part of an international agreement between Israel Ministry of Defense and the US Combating Terrorist Tactics Support Office.

PARS-3LR Completes System Validation for the German Army Tiger Helicopters

MBDA has recently conducted a test series demonstrating various engagement modes of its PARS 3LR anti-tank missile. MBDA's PARS 3LR and RAFAEL Spike LR have already been shortlisted for the final phase of weapon selection for the Indian Army attack helicopters.

RAFAEL Unveils a Light, Affordable Member of the Spike Missile Family

Rafael is expanding the Spike missile family with the lightweight, man-portable Spike SR, a ‘fire and forget’ short range guided missile enabling infantrymen to...

From Anti-Tank to Multi-Purpose

Above: this NLOW anti-tank weapon firing clearly show the delayed activiation of the rocket motor, ensuring the effects of flash, pressure acoustic overload are minimized...

Miniaturization of the Infantry Weapons’s Components

Above: Eryx anti-tank wire-guided weapon system is in use with the French Army and Special Forces. Photo: MBDA New Guided Missiles, Programmable Munitions Enhancing The Infantry...

New Guided Missiles, Programmable Munitions Enhancing the Infantry Precision Fire Effects

Man portable, light weight missile systems were used extensively in recent years. U.S. Javelin missiles are regularly used in Afghanistan by U.S, and British...

IDF Continues Merkava Mk 4 Evolution

Heavyweights are Adapting to LIC Start < Page 1 of 5 > Merkava tanks of all types, and particularly the new Merkava Mk4 are facing a serious challenge...

Countering the RPG Threat

RPG-7 / RPG-7VR / RPG-18 / RPG-26 Below: M-1A1 destroyed by RPG ambush. Successful attacks are scored at stationary targets, primarily from side or rear...

US Army Active Defense Program

A derivative of IAAPS developmental countermeasures system, was optimized for close-in defense, was developed by United Defense in 2004, as a near-term countermeasure against RPG threats...

Combat – Laser Guided Anti-Tank Missile

Manufactured by Artem from Russia, The Combat missile is an advanced, extended range missile which can be fired through the 125mm gun of the...