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Brazilian Air Force to Retire Mirage 2000 by Year’s End

Brazil plans to withdraw from service 12 Mirage 2000C/B fighters operating with the 1st Air Defense Group, currently providing the mainstay of the country’s...

Indian Selection of Future Targeting Pod in 2013

India has floated a tender for the delivery of more than 100 advanced targeting pods for its strike fighters, Two systems are under consideration – the French Damocles pod and the Israeli Litening.

Coalition Strike Fighters Show Different Taste for Weapons

A collection of photos released today by the U.K and French Ministries of Defense illustrate some of the armmament configurations used by tcoalition air...

Rafale F1 / Rafale M Dassault’s Omnirole Fighter

Responding to operational demands, Dassault is not lagging behind – the company announced plans to extend the capabilities and roles of the Rafale 'omnirole'...

Fighter Aircraft Programs at Aero India 2007

The most prominent program that dominated the recent air-show is the long expected US$6–11 billion plan to replace aging MiG-21s, 27 and Jaguars with...

Aerospace Systems at Defendory 2006

For obvious reasons, combat aircraft and advanced trainers were among the show's highlights. For the fighter program, General Dynamics, with the F-16 Block 52, Dasault...

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