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Startup Ventures Showcase New Developments at Israel’s Defense Innovation Hub

Eight startup companies that graduated today from the first class of Israel's Defense and HLS Accelerator demonstrated that developments of defense systems can sometime be quick and efficient. In only four months, these start up ventures have met significant milestones - proof of concept, prototype development, product design and development and capital funding. The second class has already started...

DAN .338, a new Israeli sniper rifle from IWI

IWI is launching the DAN .338 sniper rifle at Eurosatory 2014. The new bolt action sniper rifle was developed in cooperation with the IDF special operations units. Bolt action rifles are preferred by snipers for their high precision at long range

WikiGun – 3D Printers Bring the Age of DIY Weapons

Few months ago Texas based Defense Distributed had an idea - to produce weapon accessories using new 3D printing technology. It started with 'printed...

US Ordnance

U.S. Ordnance is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of small arms and machine guns. The company manufactures the NATO standard M2HB/QCB, M60E4/Mk43, M60D...

Troy Industries

TROY Industries specializes in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced small arms components & accessories including complete upgrades of existing arms. The company...

DTB Testing

Dayton T. Brown, Inc is one of the largest and most thoroughly equipped independent engineering and testing laboratory in the U.S. As an A2LA...

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