Saturday, March 17, 2018
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LCS to get unmanned mine-sweeping boats, drones

The US Navy contracts Textron Systems to deliver Common Unmanned Surface Vessel (CUSV) for the Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UAISS) - a Mine CounterMeasure (MCM) system to be deployed by unmanned boats on the Littoral Combat Ships (LCS)

LCS 3 ‘Fort Worth’ Validates Surface Weapon Package, UAS Operations on...

The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Surface Warfare Mission Package successfully completed the second phase of its developmental testing, on board the USS Fort Worth...

Cracks Could Jeopardize Navy Plans to deploy LCS to Singapore

The U.S. Navy’ plans to base four Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) in Singapore. The lead ship of the LCS class, USS Freedom is expected to embark on a 10 month demonstration deployment to the area in 2013 but a recently published report highlighting a number of malfunctions questions the vessels readiness and ability to operate far from its base.

U.S. Navy Announces ‘Winner Takes All’ Strategy for LCS

Next year the U.S. Navy will down-select a single design for future Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) acquisitions. The two shipyards currently constructing LCS 3...

Navy Cancels Construction of 3rd Littoral Combat Ship

The Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter announced yesterday (April 12, 2007) terminated the construction of the third Littoral Combat Ship (LCS 3),...