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Protecting the Flamable Load – Carapace Demonstrates Protected Logistics at Eurosatory

The French Army has recently deployed the Carapace, a highly protected fuel lorry designed to survive an ambush attack, fight back and cpress on delivering the fuel to the front lines.

Marine Corps tests the UHAC – a new logistics amphibian

The US Navy and Marine Corps have tested an Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC) prototype of a heavy amphibious lift vehicle that will be able to carry three times as the current Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC), moving into areas the LCAC cannot go

Driverless Convoy Roam through S.C. Test Range at 40mph

The second test of the Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System (AMAS) system doubled the length and speed of convoys, the next milestone this summer will be a six-week Operational Demonstration where Soldiers and Marines will assess the system benefits in realistic convoy operations

Watergen serves cold refreshment for French VBCIs

The French Army plans to equip its new VBCI armoured infantry fighting vehicles with such systems. The Israeli company Watergen was selected to provide atmospheric water generators and water-treatment units that will extract water from the vehicle's air conditioning systems

Improved Water Purification Technology Reduces SWaP, Logistics Burden

Military vehicles don’t run without fuel—and warfighters don’t run without water. As little as a six to eight percent water deficit can be debilitating....

Japanese Government Approves Export of F-35 Components

The Japanese government has decided to allow domestic defense contractors to manufacture and export components for the aircraft. It is expected that Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited, IHI Corporation, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will all have a hand in the production and maintenance of F-35 components. These business entities are expected to contribute to the manufacture of fuselage parts, radar systems, and engine components.

LS3 Robot Prepares for Testing with the Marine Corps

DARPA's Legged Squad Support System (LS3) four-legged robot is preparing for the planned tests that will evaluate the performance of the four-legged robot as...

Supporting the warfighter

Sustaining combat operations in high intensity ‘linear’ warfare has always represented a huge challenge to military planners, pushing supplies to forward supply bases and...

Boeing UK, John Deere Introduce the M-Gator A3 Robotic Load Carrier

A robotic load carrier developed by Boeing UK in cooperation with utility vehicle manufacturer John Deere and Boeing UK is unveiled today at DSEi 2011. The robotic vehicle called R-Gator A3 Assisted Carriage System (ACS) is based on John Deere’s R-Gator robotic utility vehicle.

Latrun 2011 Conference – Photo Review

Israel's primary land conference and exhibition opened today at Latrun, featuring the country's leading defense industries showing a wide range of weapon systems, command...

Pentagon Spends $20 Billion per Year on Air-Conditioning Tents

In an effort to provide reasonable living conditions to over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Pentagon is spending over $20 billion a year on air conditioning. The amount reflects the gross investment in maintaining air conditioning at the front line, including the hardware, fuel, transportation, protection etc.

Accenture: A&D Should Improve Customer Service to Achieve Better Performance

A survey published by Accenture highlights a significant gap between the awareness of the importance of customer service and the actions taken to deliver that service. Accenture survey finds aerospace and defense enterprises lack modern integration of customer services, sales, supply chain, and engineering, limiting he levels of efficiency expected from such organizations.

International Defence Logistics and Support IDLS 2010

International Defence Logistics and Support 2010 (IDLS) conference is Europe’s leading event for government, military and defence industry logistics and procurement professionals. The high-level conference...

The Afghan War is Becoming a Logistical Nightmare

While winning the war in Afghanistan seems, under the circumstances, mere wishful aspirations, even keeping the deployed troops supplied could soon become a logistical...