Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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The Pentagon Allocates Half a Billion US$ to Outfit Afghans with...

Textron Marine & Land Systems will provide 440 Medium Armored Security Vehicles (MASV) to equip the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) within 18 months for a total cost of $543 million.

Mobile Survivable Vehicle – New Siblings Expand the ASV Family

AUSA, Washington DC, October 2009: Textron Systems took the AUSA opportunity to introduce a new and upgraded version of the M1117 family – designated 'Mobile Survivable Vehicle'...

M-1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV)

ASV M-1117 (ASV-150) Armored Security Vehicle developed by Textrone Marine and Land Systems (Formerly Cadilac Gage) is a highly mobile, survivable and C-130 transportable...