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The Eyes of the Future RN Carrier Strike Force

The British MOD is set to select soon the future Airborne Early Warning (AEW) system to be deployed on the future Royal Navy (RN) Queen Elizabeth II aircraft carriers. Thales UK and Lockheed Martin submitted final offers for the Crowsnest AEW solutions last month, competing for the £500 million ($761 million) contract.

Brits Testing 2012 London Olympic Security on a Week-Long Exercise

Preparation for the Olympic Games is at full swing in the UK. On the security side, preparations for the event are underway as the Royal Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force are embarking on a full-scale exercise testing their pals, readiness and integration in an eight-day military exercise called Olympic Guardian.

More battlefield helicopters for the UK Armed Forces

Britain is accelerating the procurement of helicopters in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The UK has agreed in principle with the Danish...

Merlin Mini UAV

Merlin is a lightweight electrically powered unmanned bi-plane miniature UAV, developed to support light ground forces with surveillance capability. The 1 meter long vehicle...