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Vikramaditya delivery delayed at least until July 2013

Smoke pillowed from the Vikramaditya as she sailed the Barnets Sea on its first sea trial. Despite the crew's efforts to reach top speed, the vessel didn't make it, due to faulty boiler insulation.
Major issues reported during the recent sea trials at the Barnets Sea are delaying the completion and handover of the refurbished Russian built Admiral Gorshkov, aircraft carrier to the Indian Navy at least until July 2013

Indian Air Force Chief Attends PKA-FA Flight Demonstration

The head of the Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik attended a flight demonstration of the newest Russian fighter aircraft, the...

UAC Pogosyan: The Time is right for Russian, Indian Cooperation

Russia's largest aircraft manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is entering a new era of cooperation with India, with the launching of the development of...

Russian Naval Aviation Chief: The Navy Should Stay With the Current...

"The Russian Naval Aviation is not expecting to replace its carrier-based Su-33 fighters in the current decade. An acquisition of a fifth generation fighter,...

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