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SPEAR Mk-2 Mobile Mortar – Firepower for the Light Infantry

Elbit Systems unveiled the Spear Mk 2, a new version of the autonomous mortar system designed for Lightweight Combat Vehicles

Elbit Systems introduces enhanced light mobile mortar system

The new patent-pending 120mm light vehicle-mounted Recoil Mortar System provides ground forces with improved mobility, lethality and accuracy across a wide range of operational...

the 3rd International Fire Conference Photo Report

Photo report from the first day of the 3rd International Fire Conference, held May 20-22, 2014, at ”Home of the Gunners” in Zikron Ya’akov,...

Elbit Systems Introduces the SPEAR – a Mortar for the HMMWV

Elbit Systems unveiled today the Soltam SPEAR 120mm autonomous, soft recoil mortar system, designed for light wheeled platforms. The patent pending recoil system reduces the barrel firing load from 120 tons to less than 10 tons.

Slovenia Orders AMV, SP Mortars from Patria

Patria AMV 8x8 armed with a single barrel NEMO mortar The Slovenian Ministry of Defence has today signed agreements with Rotis and Patria covering the...